Hashkey Digital Asset Group Limited

Senior Wallet Operations Manager

Job description

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Posted on:
March 8, 2024

Responsible for building and managing the company's digital asset wallet integrated management system and operational specifications. Responsible for operating and handling all customer wallet operations, and coordinating the technical team to maintain the wallet system. In addition, will be responsible for centralized processing of aggregated wallets and physical management of vaults. Will work closely with internal teams to ensure the security, compliance, and efficiency of wallet operations.


1. Responsible for building an integrated wallet management system and operating standards

2. Operate the processing of all customer wallets

  • Processing of customer cached wallets, including the return of remaining funds
  • Approval of deposits and withdrawals (virtual assets and fiat currency), reconciliation and abnormal investigation of upper and lower accounts
  • Request hot-to-hot or cold-to-hot requests for exception handling
  • Request to change the threshold for hot to cold conversion

3. Centralized processing of aggregated wallets

4. Responsible for the physical management of the vault

5. Responsible for coordinating wallet system maintenance with technical team

6. Responsible for wallet system management

  • Re-inspection of cold-to-hot process and practical plan
  • Threshold re-inspection of cold to hot
  • Operation cold to hot
  • Operation heat transfer

7. Responsible for fiat wallet management

  • Threshold monitoring and re-checking of bank fund pool
  • Transfer of funds between banks

Job requirements

1. Need to have relevant knowledge and experience in the field, be familiar with the establishment of digital asset wallet management system and operation specification.

2. Have the ability to operate and handle customer wallets, including handling customer cached wallets, approving deposits and withdrawals, reconciling accounts and troubleshooting exceptions, etc.

3. Have technical coordination ability and be able to cooperate with the technical team to maintain the wallet system.

4. Knowledge and experience of multi-currency and multi-chain on blockchain and customized related process monitoring systems, with external/internal audit experience preferred

5. Have the ability to analyze and evaluate, and be able to evaluate the cold-to-hot process and practical solutions, and make improvement suggestions.

6. Familiar with laws, regulations and compliance requirements, especially those related to virtual assets and the financial sector.

7. Excellent teamwork and leadership skills, able to collaborate effectively with different team members.

8. Have good communication and coordination skills, and be able to communicate and cooperate effectively with internal teams and technical personnel.